IMG_6785BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine is a one-year program designed to provide qualified fellows the opportunity to develop an expertise in the related fields of Disaster Medicine (DM) and Emergency Management (EM).

This is accomplished through didactic lectures, seminars, readings, goal-related research in a specific area of DM and EM, and participation in hospital-based, local, regional, national, and international Disaster Preparedness agencies and response organizations including but not limited to Boston EMS, Boston MedFlight helicopter, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Department of Health and Human Services, Rhode Island-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team (National Disaster Medical System), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. International experience is provided through our two relief organizations in Haiti, and our Satellite Fellowship Training Centers around the globe.

The Fellow will also complete fieldwork-related research resulting in a thesis or publication. Upon completion of this Fellowship, fellows will be skilled in all aspects of the disaster cycle and have the ability to assume a leadership role on the local, regional, federal, or international level in the area of Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management.

It is assumed that after graduation fellows will take a leadership position and be active in research and academics, leading to a career as an internationally noted expert in these fields. BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine allows for graduating Fellows to remain as faculty to the Fellowship, fostering collaboration and academic advancement.


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Message from the Director

IMG_1803Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management go hand-in-hand. It is not possible to practice Disaster Medicine without having knowledge of and experience in Emergency Management, most of which cannot be obtained through didactic lectures or textbook reading alone. Due to the unique nature of Disaster Preparedness it is necessary for each of these areas to be included in any training program in both an academic and experiential way. There is no program in the world that provides you more opportunity to take part in real disaster preparedness and response than the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine.

What makes BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine different from other training programs is the comprehensive education it provides. Through one-on-one lectures and workshops in Disaster Medicine by our esteemed Harvard faculty, and a partnership with the DelValle Institute for Emergency Preparedness (www.bphc.org/delvalle), BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine provides an all-inclusive didactic education. In addition, BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine offers a wide variety of field work and hands-on experience, allowing the Fellow to understand the real-world applications of each of these disciplines, and learn through practice how they work together. BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine provides didactic and practical training in hospital-based, local, regional, state, federal, and international Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management through diverse educational experiences that include active participation in multi-agency drills, city and regional preparedness committees, and field deployments for major events. These training and response activities are conducted in and around Boston, Rhode Island, Seattle, Arizona, and Houston, as well as internationally in Haiti, Iceland, Italy, and the South Pacific. In addition to these, and depending on specific areas of interest, Fellows can rotate through the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, as well as our satellite Fellowship centers in Abu Dhabi, Dublin, Riyadh, and Torino Italy.

The faculty of BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine has a vast amount of experience in real-time applications of Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management. We all feel the way to learn disaster preparedness is not by lecture and reading alone, but rather to participate in its application through field work and hands-on experience. Through BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine you will not be a passive learner but rather an active participant in a vibrant educational program. Upon completion you will join the ever-growing alumni association and be afforded the opportunity to train future Fellows. When you join the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine program you become part of our family.


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PROGRAM DURATION: Twelve to twenty-four months

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must have completed a recognized Emergency Medicine residency program or equivalent.

If you are interested in applying for a Fellowship, please upload your CV for consideration.

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