Nursing plays an important role in the healthcare system. As well, Disaster Nursing is critical to the success of each phase of the disaster cycle. Nursing must have a place at the table when a hospital undertakes the Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery steps necessary for an efficient and well-prepared All-Hazards response system. The Disaster Nursing Fellowship provides a comprehensive education, covering the role of Nurses in all phases of the disaster cycle, as taught by seasoned and experienced faculty. The Disaster Nursing Fellowship will follow the same methodology as our other programs, combining a didactic curriculum with experiential rotations, research, and field work. Graduates of this program will be prepared to take leadership roles in both hospital-based nursing preparedness/response and emergency management activities, as well as be trained for disaster response in the field.

The objective of the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine Nursing Fellowship in Austere Medicine is to establish a base of nursing for the purpose of providing humanitarian efforts in support of the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine mission. The BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine Nursing Fellowship will support nurses with an interest in austere, humanitarian, disaster, and tactical medicine efforts providing educational programs and clinical support in the mission of BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine. Nurses selected for this program will have an opportunity to participate in BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine didactic and clinical training as well as humanitarian missions. Nurses will be selected for this program on a competitive basis and will provide six months of a renewable commitment to the Fellowship. This commitment will include a total of consecutive or non-consecutive two weeks of deployment to one of several BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine humanitarian missions. There will also be opportunity for participation in other BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine of 2 medical missions. Upon completion participants will receive a Certificate of Completion of a BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine Austere Medicine Fellowship.

For more information please contact: avoskany@bidmc.harvard.edu.