BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine is now an affiliated fellowship of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative

DisasterFellowship News

We are proud to announce the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine is now an affiliated fellowship of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative ( ), where Dr. Ciottone has also assumed the position of Director of Medical Preparedness. The mission of the NPLI can best be described by their Co-Founders, Leonard Marcus and David Gergen:

“We launched the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative as a joint program of Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The shared mission of the NPLI faculty is to raise the bar on preparedness and response leadership, increasing the quality and quantity of leaders able to meet these evolving challenges. Our central themes are leadership and population health: protecting the people whose lives and well being are so directly at stake in moments of crisis. Convening shortly after Hurricane Katrina to share what we had learned, the importance of leaders and leadership in the face of such unprecedented events became increasingly evident.

Protecting our homeland against terrorism and natural threats require leaders able to effectively build connectivity of effort, reaching across government, business, and non-profit organizations whose efforts — when combined — offer the best protection for our country. We term such people “meta-leaders,” leaders of leaders whose commitment, influence, and capabilities build critical cohesion in times of crisis. While it may not be possible to deter every threat, national recovery and resilience depend upon these meta-leaders and their extraordinary presence of mind, skills, and talents.

We are proud to note that alumni of the NPLI Executive Education Program have been in key leadership roles for preparation for response to many large-scale events including Presidential inaugurations, the H1N1 pandemic, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill among many others. The Meta-leadership Summits for Preparedness have helped build critical connectivity in more than 20 population centers across the country. The Tale of Our Cities Programs has brought international experts in urban terrorism together to share best practices and lessons learned. And our Partners in Preparedness delegations to Israel have enabled leaders from the United States to gain valuable insights from their Israeli peers about population resilience.

It continues to be an honor and privilege for the NPLI and to work with, study, and share our knowledge in collaboration with the people who shoulder these enormous national responsibilities.

Leonard Marcus and David Gergen”