International EMS and Disaster Operations Division forges new fellow-rotation site and collaboration with EMS system of Yerevan, Armenia.

DisasterFellowship News

Setting the framework for future comprehensive collaboration through a relationship with the Grigor Lusavorich Medical Center and Dr. Anushavan Virabyan, the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine Disaster and International EMS fellows will be participating in an EMS enhancement project through fellow rotations, workshops, and other joint activities.

“Our Division has had a relationship with Yerevan Emergency Medical Services for over 20 years, with a number of successful projects undertaken in the past. This new step will represent the first collaboration though the fellowship, allowing fellows exposure to an EMS system unique to the US and Europe. I believe this will be an invaluable experience for our fellows, allowing them to learn Disaster and International EMS through real-life experience.”, states Dr. Ciottone, Director of the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine.