Faisal Alhawaj

MBBS, Saudi Board of Emergency Medicine (SBEM)
Emergency Medicine Consultant and Disaster specialist, Tarout, Saudi Arabia

Years as a fellow: 2013-2014
Special Interest: EMS Disaster Operations, Mass gatherings
Fellowship Completed: BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine / Emergency Management
Current Residence: Tarout, Saudi Arabia

Brief Biography:

Dr. Faisal Alhawaj is a current fellow of BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine having started in July 2013. Faisal was born on a military base, the son of a chief warrant officer father. He was witness to the Gulf war and all the preparedness that was involved in his country stirred his interest in Disaster Medicine and preparedness. He attended King Faisal University Medical School where he and graduated with his medical degree in 2007. In 2008, he began his residency in Emergency Medicine in Saudi Commission for Health Specialties where he earned his degree of SBEM in 2012. During his residency, he participated in Hajj Mission which is considered a national and international mass gathering event, his interest in mass gathering and disaster preparedness continued to grow. Dr. Faisal’s professional interest is in mass gathering, disaster preparedness, EMS and point of care use of ultrasound.
The unique relationship between BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine and the programs in Haiti allow Fellows to participate in the direction and operation of two major projects, both sponsored by non-governmental organizations (NGO). Fellows learn what is required to run and operate a NGO in a foreign country, including management, fundraising, logistics and operations, security and communications, supply-chain, and sustainable practices. This unique educational experience allows Fellows in Disaster Medicine at BIDMC the opportunity to lead these programs, and learn by experience the daily hurdles faced by NGO’s around the world. In addition, these programs allow Fellows to conduct ongoing research in the field. To date, BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine Fellows have had their research accepted for presentation at some of the most recognized medical conferences in the world, including recently in Rome, Dubai, London, Ankara, and Chicago.