Hazem Alhazmi

MBBS, Saudi Board of Emergency Medicine (SBEM)
Emergency Medicine Consultant and Disaster specialist, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Years as a fellow: 2013-2014
Special Interest: Mass gatherings, Pediatric Disaster Medicine
Fellowship Completed: BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine / Emergency Management
Current Residence: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Brief Biography:

Hazem was born and raised in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, the city that hosts millions of Muslims from all around the during the annual Hajj season., and since he was very young, he has had ambitions to help his home city to deal with this enormous mass gathering.
Hazem comes from a highly educated family. His father and his uncle are well-known academics in Saudi Arabia, though Hazem is the first to choose medicine as his profession – inspired by a high school visit to a medical school, after seeing the campus and anatomy lab, his decision was made.
During his internship, Hazem developed a passion for pediatric medicine. He began his residency in the pediatrics department at King Abdulaziz Medical City Western Region, King Khalid National Guard Hospital, one of the most prestigious and highly recognized medical centers in Saudi Arabia. Throughout his residency, he was recognized for his responsibility, persistence, distinguished medical and surgical skills, and his calm, yet affective attitude in the ER and ICU. Within the realm of pediatric medicine, he found particular fondness for emergency medicine.
Hazem started his Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship in B.C Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, British Colombia. He spent two years in Canada continuing his education and conducting research. He continued to be recognized amongst his peers for his outstanding performance and cool demeanor in high-stress situations.
His education did not end after his pediatric emergency medicine training, and he continued working toward his goal of playing a lead role in the medical planning and management during the pilgrimage each year in Makkah. His outstanding performance and academic accomplishments led to his selection as a Fellow in the BIDMC Disaster Medicine Fellowship and earning an simultaneous appointment at Harvard Medical School. Hazem is a favorite amongst his Fellowship peers for his hard work, including a deployment to the Philippines following the 2014 Typhoon, as well as his positive attitude and friendly personality.