Michael Rubin

MD, Canadian Board of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine Consultant and Disaster specialist, Toronto Canada

Years as a fellow: 2013-2014
Special Interest: Humanitarian disaster response, Mass Casualty incidents
Fellowship Completed: BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine / Emergency Management
Current Residence: Toronto Canada

Brief Biography:

Dr. Michael Rubin was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. He attended The University of Western Ontario where he graduated with an honors degree in Medical Science. Soon after completing his undergraduate studies he was hired by Alcan, a leading multinational metal mining group. At Alcan, Michael worked as an environment, health and safety associate and was involved with corporate disaster preparedness protocols and pandemic preparedness.
With a keen interest in emergency and disaster management Dr. Rubin received the Latt Memorial Scholarship to pursue his medical degree at The Sackler School of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University. As a medical studentin Israel he gained invaluable experience with mass casualty, disaster response, and humanitarian efforts both within the state of Israel and Palestine.
Dr. Rubin began his Emergency Medicine residency in New York City at New York Medical College in 2010. His interests and research during residency included hospital based disaster preparedness, and disaster simulation. Dr. Rubin enjoys comedy and writing and recently published his first novel.
Dr. Rubin is excited to be one of the 2013-2014 fellows in Disaster Medicine at BIDMC. His professional interests include disaster simulation, corporate disaster preparedness, and mass gathering/mass casualty medicine.
Following our mission to provide the most comprehensive hands-on education in Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management achievable, BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine continues to work towards new and innovative ways to teach Fellows these integrated fields. Coming soon to the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine educational platform will be field work opportunities in India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Spain. With each opportunity Fellows learn the necessary skills to manage disasters locally, nationally, and internationally through real-world experience.