Moira Hennessey, PhD, MPH

Psychosocial Trauma and Disaster Resiliency

Moira Hennessey is a psychologist and public health professional. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Hennessey has worked as a psychotherapist in New York, Boston and East Africa. Her clinical work focuses on the treatment of trauma survivors and marginalized individuals, children and families, including refugees and internally displaced persons. As a mental health clinician, Dr. Hennessey has worked in schools, community settings and hospitals. Her research interests include cross-cultural mental health, consequences of adversity, and resilience processes. Dr. Hennessey has consulted for numerous international organizations in developing and humanitarian contexts throughout the world, providing assessment, training and program development in areas of child and adult psychosocial well-being, community and gender-based violence, and public health. Throughout her work, she employs a strength-based approach to supporting individuals and communities. Dr. Hennessey holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Boston University, and a MPH in global health and humanitarian studies from the Harvard School of Public Health.