Rotations are the cornerstone of the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine program. 11692712_1600419716903548_6677248656355485353_nThe fellow will perform rotations within the United States, through the National Disaster Medical System/ Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT) (arranged by the fellowship), or his/her country of origin. A six-week rotation at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is included in the Fellowship program as an elective. Current clinical observation sites include: Boston EMS, Boston MedFlight, RI-DMAT, Medical Care at the Boston Marathon, Medical Care at major Boston sporting venues including the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics and New England Patriots, Goodyear Arizona Fire Department HAZMAT, and King County ALS in Seattle, Washington.

NYC-5In addition to the extensive disaster preparedness and responseactivities in and around Boston, Fellows conduct rotations in 11 countries and 9 states. Each opportunity is specifically selected for the educational experience it provides to the Fellow. For example, Seattle provides EMS Disaster Operations, Denmark provides International Emergency Management, New York City Fire and EMS provide Mass Gatherings training, and Torino Italy provides International Prehospital Disaster Operations, to name a few. In each rotation, BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine Fellows take an active and integrated role in the field, learning by experience the real-world applications of specific areas of emergency preparedness and response.

Following our mission to provide the most comprehensive hands-on education in Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management achievable, BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine continues to work towards new and innovative ways to teach Fellows these integrated fields. Coming soon to the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine educational platform will be rotation opportunities in India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Spain. With each opportunity Fellows learn the necessary skills to manage disasters locally, nationally, and internationally through real-world experience.

Rotation Opportunities
Affiliated Partners
States in US
Skills Gained

Rotation Opportunities

Boston C-Med

1 day in Metro-Boston Central Medical Emergency Direction (CMED) Center

BIDMC Emergency Management

Attend Meetings and Drills

BIDMC Emergency Medicine Residents

Give one lecture to Emergency Medicine Residents

Boston EMS

1 ALS, and 1 BLS Ride-Along

Boston July 4th Celebration

Shadow Boston EMS Supervisor

Boston Marathon

Shadow Boston EMS Supervisor

Cataldo EMS

1 – 2 ALS ride-along and Emergency Operations

Boston Red Sox Coverage

Mass Gathering planning and response

Center for disease control and prevention (CDC)

Join Global Health Division for 2 – 4 weeks.

Children Critical Care Transport

1 ride -along with Children Critical Care Transport.

Children Hospital Emergency Management

Attend meetings and drills

Delvalle institute for emergency management

Attend lecture series on Emergency Management

DHHS Region 1

Attend meetings and drills

Goodyear Arizona Fire Department

1 week rotation-Austere EMS and Border Patrol.

Haiti - Be Like Brit Orphanage

Participate in program in Haiti.

Harvard Medical School - DM SIG

Lecture to students, plan events and attend monthly meetings at HMS.

International EMS: Torino, Italy

2 weeks rotation in EMS Disaster Operations

King County EMS, Seattle

ALS Resuscitation Academy

LMA Emergency Management committee

Attend meetings, plan and attend drills

Mass Gathering: Dublin, Ireland

Participate in Mass Gathering activities

MGH Emergency Management

Attend meetings, plan and attend drills


Attend research training sessions


Mass gathering planning and response


1 week rotation around New Years Eve / NYC Marathon


Join training drills, participate in local deployments with RI – MRC / DMAT – 1

Rhode ISLAND Air Show

Shadow RI – MRC Supervisor


1 week rotation at Salem, Oregon


Develop Disaster Simulation Modules

Tianjin Association For Disaster Medicine

2 weeks rotation at Tianjin, China.

White House Medical Unit

VIP Medical Ops