Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) Fellowship in Disaster Medicine

BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine is designed to provide qualified emergency physicians the opportunity to develop an expertise in the related fields of Disaster Medicine (DM) and Emergency Management (EM). In addition, there are two optional second year programs in International Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Mass Gatherings. The BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine consists of didactic lectures, seminars, focused readings, and goal-related research in a specific area of DM and EM resulting in a peer-reviewed publication. In addition, the Fellow has the opportunity to practice real-world Disaster Preparedness and Response through our numerous domestic and international rotations, deployments, and committee memberships. Upon completion, graduates will be skilled in all aspects of the disaster cycle, and have the ability to assume a leadership role on the local, regional, federal, or international level.



Dr. Gregory Ciottone

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Jonathan Burstein, Disaster Medicine

Jonathan Burstein
David E Hogan

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Liberian Ambassador to the United States, Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, presents at the Fellowship's Symposium on Global Emerging Infections, January 2015


One of our faculty, Dr. Vidar Magnusson, has been involved in developing a major incident reporting template. The consensus based template for reporting from the pre-hospital medical management after a major incident was developed using a modified nominal group technique. The template will be tested for feasibility and revised in collaboration with leading experts in the field. Download the open access template directly from this webpage. Please help identify the utility of this template by using it to report mass casualty and disaster responses. The link is: